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Preflop Guru is a solver-based (GTO) preflop training site for advanced poker players.
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Built from solvers (GTO) to beat the toughest games
Start fixing your leaks within minutes
Quickly and intuitively learn new ranges
Improve your hand evaluation skills to a world-class level
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Module descriptions

Demo NL Tourney (BB Ante)
A free demo of our No Limit Tourney short stack module, restricted to just 6bb and 14bb stack sizes.
Demo PLO
A free demo of our Pot Limit Omaha 100bb module, restricted to just the CO (cutoff) position with no rake.
NL Tourney 4-15bb (BB Ante)
Correctly value the relationship between position, stack depth, and hand strength. This module gives equal weight to both shoving and calling ranges, while also focusing more on the "close" decisions (after all, everyone knows to play AA and fold 23o). Questions you get wrong are brought back more frequently so you can hone in on your leaks immediately.
NL Tourney 8-15bb Spin (BB Ante)
Alternative short stack strategies from the button, SB, and BB covering 8, 10, 12, and 15bb stacks. Includes open limping from the button and various mixed strategies from the blinds.
NL Tourney 15-30bb and 40-50bb (BB Ante)
Master when to overbet shove, when to 3bet-fold, and how your ranges shift with changing stack sizes. Confidentaly navigate the tricky midstack sizes that are most common in tournaments. Uses 2x rfi covering 15, 20, 25, and 30bb stack sizes. Uses 2.2x rfi for 40 and 40bb stack sizes.
NL Tourney 15-50bb B (BB Ante)
Similar to the other NL Tourney modules, but with different sizes (mostly 2.5x rfi). Covers 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50bb stack sizes all together.
NL Tourney 100bb (BB Ante)
Perfect your deep stack ante game, a weakness of many tournament players. Naturally develop balanced 3bet, 4bet, and 5bet+ ranges, a hard task even for the most seasoned pro. Modules A and B use different 3bet and 4bet sizes.
NL Cash 50-200bb (No Ante)
Like the NL Tourney modules but without antes. This is perfect for cash game players as well as tournament players looking to hone their pre-ante strategy. There are many different cash game modules. For example, modules 'NL 100 A' and 'NL 100 B' use different sizings. The 'Simple' modules use a simplified game-tree where all positions except the big blind play 3bet/fold and the SB has no limping range (again with different sizings used for 'A' and 'B'). NL 100 (midA) uses mid-stakes rake levels (5%, 2.5bb cap). NL 100 (midB) uses different rake settings (5%, 3bb cap, preflop 3bets+ raked). NL 50 (midA) uses 5%, 6bb cap. NL 50 (midB) uses 5%, 3bb cap, with preflop 3bets also raked. See the FAQ for more info and details.
ICM NL Tourney 4-15bb, and 15-30bb (BB Ante)
Instead of ChipEV, these ranges were calculated using chip values having a bubble factor of 1.14 (similar to a 60-30-10 payout STT) to approximate some of the ICM pressure as seen during the middle stages of a tournament.
Limit Hold'em
6max LHE ranges. In-position plays pure a 3bet/fold strategy. Cold calling is allowed from the blinds.
NL HU (No Ante)
Master heads-up NL ranges with modules covering these stack depths: 3, 4, 5, ..., 14, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200bb. Perfect for HU SNGs and Cash. Includes a mixed limping strategy for 30bb and less.
NL Spin & Go
A 3-handed NL (no ante) module covering a variety of stack depths: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25bb.
PLO 20bb, 30bb, 50bb, and 100bb
With the tens of thousands of possible PLO hands, the best method to mastering preflop PLO is in developing your hand evaluation skills through practice. PLO ranges are all solver-based with micro-stakes, mid-stakes, and high-stakes rake modules as well as no-rake modules available. These modules make the hand evaluation process both easy and fun as you'll immediately identify any GTO leaks you might have.
PLO HU 100bb
Two different PLO HU modules covering the most common preflop strategies. Module A uses a pure raise/fold strategy from the SB. Module B uses a mixed strategy of limp/raise/fold from the SB. Covers both no-rake, mid-stakes (PLO200) and high-stakes (PLO500) rake levels.
NLO8 and PLO8
A variety of NLO8 and PLO8 modules covering HU and 6-max, both short stacked and deeper stacked.

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